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our 2nd year celebration

as what i have told you i will be sharing to you how our day went on our 2nd year anniversary celebration.

Firstly, we decided to have our breakfast together at Pancake house but with a lighter meal to save our deep hunger for a buffet!!! but you know what i ordered on the beginning of the day? haha! a heavy meal.. steak meal with rice and egg as side dish!

In here you can see how seriously he is looking out for the food he wants to order. he said he'll be ordering a food that is light but it ended up him ordering something heavy too. hahaha!!!

as we finished the food we ordered and paid the bill, we headed back to the car and drove off going to ocean park. of course, picture taking will never be forgotten!  hahah!


as we arrived the place, there is one thing that disappointed us.. 


as you can see this a lair for alligators but when you under it, you will see 2 papers (brochures) that fell underneath its water. it is very disappointing to see somethingl ike this in a newly opened tourist attraction. i even felt bad for the alligators swimming in it and good thing that they did haven't eaten any pieces of it. this is a shame for our country knowing that this has been another site to attract tourists to visit just as what other countries offer. 

anyway, we took pictures nonstop of different fishes found in their aquariums and to tell you i am not a fish lover just like my boyfriend but i ended up enjoying looking at them. if you want to see photos of fishes to be seen in ocean park, please click on to this ---> justbeextraordinary

and since this place is not as big as other ocean park i have been to, we decided to stay in starbucks and chill for a while. and of course, saving our hunger for a bigger meal. hahaha!!! since we didn't really know what to do next, still we ended up going to Mall of Asia. hahaha! there we had dinner at Don Henrico's for he was craving for buffalo wings.

lastly, he bought me something that i wished of having one for myself. he bought me this...

 a big teddy bear and.. 

here is her birth certificate...

and we both finally called her PEACHY

This is how we celebrated our special day and we both knew that we enjoyed every bit of memories that we shared on our second year anniversary.


2nd year anniversary

you read it right. i know i have posted days ago regarding me and my hubby waiting for the special event and now i am proud to share this to everyone that this is that day that we have been waiting for.  


i find this really sweet because we have been sharing our lives together this long and so far all the hardships and trials we have been through this past 2 years were all worth and that we have fighted for it. 

anniversaries are very special for me and it is really meant to be celebrate with the man or woman you really love all your heart. celebrating years as a couple is one thing to be happy about and be shared to everyone that you have both years together still standing strong for love. 

today we have plans of going to ocean park designated here in manila for a change.  haha! during our monthsary celebrations normally we spend it on a mall but now we are celebrating it with the fishes and aquarium nature and wait! can't wait to eat on their buffet!!! can't wait to get bloated with yummy foods served on the table and nonstop eating as much as i want to. haha!

i'll be writing again and show you pictures of what we did this day. you'll be seeing tons of pictures again. teehee!


sony ericsson xperia X1

Presenting the newest phone to be released by Sony Ericsson that looks great and extravagant, 


I thought I would be contented with the phone that I currently have which is the Sony Ericsson P990i since it is also a PDA type phone but I was wrong. When i first saw this on the Sony Ericsson site, I fell in-love with it and am dying to have one! The more i got excited with the phone when I read an article regarding this phone in a newspaper that it will be released this coming November 28, 2008 wherelse, in the Land of the Republic of the Philippines. isn't that a great news??? They have also posted in their page that you can have it pre-ordered thru this site and if you are interested just click on this -----> Be the First to have this Xperia phone

xperia phones only has two colors:




if you are interested about its specification, here they are:

  • 3.0 inches touchscreen display (800 x 480 pixels)
  • 3G/HSDPA 7.2Mbps
  • Full QWERTY
  • Optical mouse
  • Qualcomm MSM7200 528MHz processor
  • 400 MB internal memory
  • 256 MB RAM, 512 MB storage memory
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth w/ A2DP
  • GPS
  • 3.15 MP (2048×1536 pixels) & 30fps VGA video recording
  • FM Radio with RDS
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

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go grab them now and be the first to have this fantastic phone in your hand. 

sa mga may kaarawan ng araw na ito...

binabati ko ang mga sumusunod na kilala ko sa totoong buhay. (bakit meron ba akong kunwaring buhay? hmmm..) 

Ma. Victoria Real

at si...

Ethel Dimapilis


Birthday Comment Graphics for MySpace, Birthday Greetings @ Cute-Spot.com

at sa mga taong hindi ko kilala personally eh gusto ko narin kayong batiin ng isang maligayang kaarawan. nawa'y maging maligaya kayo sa pagpiyesta sa araw ng inyong kapanganakan... (ano ba un. mali ata ang ginamit kong salita. palibhasa hirap gumamit ng malalim na tagalog. haha!)


akalain mong 2nd year anniv na namin!

hay! as usual wala naman akong tulog pero heto parin ako inisip padin ang magpost. haha! para kasing I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF BLOGGER! si**et! napa-english ako nun! akalain mong marunong pala ako. mukhang kelangan ko na ba idelete ung translator ko? haha! wala lang gusto ko lang sabihin na...

Friendster Countdown Clocks at WishAFriend.com

nalang ang nalalabing oras at 2nd year anniversary na namin. nakakatuwang isipin na nagtagal kami ng ganito pero siyempre hinihiling ko padin na more years for me and my partner. gusto mo ba makita ng malaki ang photo ng asawa ko? eto siya o...

yan siya po yan at isa rin siyang nurse na tulad ko. haay. wala lang. hehe. kakaaliw lang kasi sa mga past ko, bago kami umabot ng one year eh nagkakaroon ng break up in between. haha! eh sa kanya achievement ko na yung umabot kami ng 2 years ng hindi naghihiwalay. sabagay, kahit naman magalit ako sa kanya, kapag nagkikita na kami bati na agad kami kasi naman bigla na ako naaawa sa kanya dahil nagiging maamong tupa na siya. hehe.. so ano ang huling mangyayari, babatiin ko nalang at kakalimutan nalang ang alitan namagitan samin. haha! haay, basta hoping padin ako na siya na talaga kasi ba naman noh, nakakapagod din kaya ang getting to know stage tapos away bati sa unang mga buwan ng relasyon niyo diba? 

yun lang naman. i just want the world to know that presently i am happy and i feel very blessed for having a man in life whom i can share my happiness with and that is him in this picture. 

to my hubby:

Happy Anniversary Picture Graphics for MySpace, Friendster & Hi5 @ Cute-Spot.com
Happy Anniversary Picture Graphics for MySpace, Friendster & Hi5 and
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ang nakakatawang translation gamit ng google translator


I kabangagan 


not only. kasi I do not think that title to write eh. hahah! but so slow that I nga. kasi 4 am I sleeping on work and recovery nalang we binantayan patients or cases that stat come. but here it nanaman me awake at nagaantay time for sleepy. hai hai hai. heck yan. 

kita mo naman. I'm speechless diva? obvious ba? hindi naman eh .. 

maybe later I may say that when I nakatulog and Nakabalik again for magblog. now only nagpost ala naman ako but I really want to say.
nagpost very simply. 

or him. maybe I sleep and I leave for magparenew license. I drive a drive eh expired license I will. swerte nalang not me up but ..
the dead grandmother you! 

good night all ..
kasi sakin the morning and evening is evening is the day. haha! 


nakikita mo ba ang mga nahighlight ko? ang sakit sa ulo intindihin noh? para bang nagpapaka-conyo effect na balahura ang pagkakasabi. hahah! wala lang. nagising lang ako sa nabasa ko. try mo itranslate ung page ko. from filipino to english. kakatawa pramis! at ano itong nakita ko na ang sabi ko lang eh "PATAY ANG LOLA MO!" -> THE DEAD GRANDMOTHER YOU! ano ba yun! pwedeng magbitin ng patiwarik sa aking nabasa? ayaw. i love my life kahit papano! hahah! o siya. enjoy sa pagbabasa ng nakakalokang translation!

kabangagan ko

wala lang. wala kasi ako maisip na title na isusulat eh. hahah! pero oo bangag na nga ako. kasi 4 am na ako natulog sa work at buti nalang wala kaming pasyenteng binantayan o kasong stat na dumating. pero eto gising nanaman ako at nagaantay ng oras para antukin. hai hai hai. ano ba yan. 

kita mo naman. speechless ako diba? obvious ba? hindi naman eh..

siguro mamaya may masasabi na ako kapag nakatulog na ako at nakabalik ulit para magblog. sa ngayon nagpost lang ako pero ala naman talaga akong gusto sabihin. sadyang nagpost lang. 

o siya. matutulog na siguro ako at aalis pa ako para magparenew ng lisensya. drive ako ng drive eh expired ang lisensiya ko. swerte nalang hindi ako nahuhuli kundi.. patay na ang lola mo!

good night sa lahat.. kasi ang umaga sakin ay gabi at ang gabi ay araw. haha!


mukhang pera nga ba ang mga nurse?

meron akong natanggap na mensahe ulit galing sa former classmate ko nung college sa nursing. oo isang text message nanaman. tama nga ang iyong nabasa. pero eto ay related sa mga nurse naman. naisipan ko lang i-share sa mga tao sa mundo ng internet na mali ang iniisip ng karamihan na ang mga Nurse ay mukhang pera. siguro aminin na natin na kalimitan ay magaaral ng nursing ang mga pinoy tapos kapag nakagraduate na eh magaasam na makaalis ng bansa, mapa-US, LONDON, CANADA o UK pa yan kumita lang ng pera.

eto ang text na nakuha ko.

para sa mga nagsasabing mukhang pera ang mga nurse:

1) money is not enough for our presence for dying patients.

2) money can't buy our dignity in washing pwets of old patients.

3) money can't change the pain we felt for the blame when we inform the death of a

4) no one can pay us for the pain we had when doctors shout at us during operations.


5) we spent HUNDRED THOUSANDS of PESOS to study to acquire this profession and later
we will be paid LESS.


hehe. wala lang. feel ko lang ishare. yun lang. sige matutulog na ako at 19 hours na ako gising. hay. duty pa ulit mamaya ng 6pm.


bob ong vs juan tamad

palage ka bang nakakatanggap ng text message na sa dulo nito ay may nakasulat na pangalan ng gumawa ng quote na si Bob Ong. dati ay palage ako nagtataka kung sino ba itong Bob Ong na ito..

at kung tatanungin mo ako kung sino siya? hindi ko padin kilala kung ano ba siya talaga. hahaha! pasensiya na kasi hindi ko pa siya nareresearch eh. hahaha! 

at dahil sa naisipan ko na may internet naman pala ako siyempre madali nalang i-explore kung sino tong Bob Ong na kumakalat sa text. 

eto pala ang itsura niya... 


hindi pala. haha. pero ito ang mga librong mga isinulat niya..

, ,

siya pala ang gumawa nun. ngayon alam ko na.. 

eh si Juan Tamad kilala mo ba? aba huwag ka! nakikipaglaban na din siya kay Bob Ong. kung di mo pa siya kilala sige pakikilala ko sayo..

ang popular na lalakeng palageng ikinuwento sa mga kabataan. haha. pwede rin nasa katauhan ng mga kakilala natin? diba? diba? pero sige na nga dun na ako sa gusto ko talaga sabihin.

dahil nagising akong may text galing sa kaibigan ko at eto ang sabi:


ang pagmamahal...

"ay parang elevator lang yan eh. bakit mo isisiksik ang sarili mo kung wala nang pwesto para sayo.. eh meron namang hagdan ayaw mo lang pansinin?"

ayon kay Bob Ong

ang pagmamahal...

"mapuno man ang elevator, sigurado namang babalik ito at darating ang panahon na makakasakay din ako."

sabi naman ni Juan Tamad

parehong may sense noh? alin sa dalawa ang sa tingin mong tama? san kanino ka sa dalawa sasang-ayon? 

sige yun lang naman. ang haba ng sinabi eh noh eto lang pala ang sasabihin ko. haha!! ingats!


my hubby and i two adorable netherland dwarf rabbits

these are the rabbits that my hubby and i bought last july 16, 2008. we don't really know the exact dates of when they were born so we really don't know when to celebrate their birthdates. yeah. so sad. of course, i will be posting some of their pictures in here for you to see how cute and adorable they are.

well the story of how we got these rabbits is that the night before i was watching videos in youtube and saw a video about rabbits and how cute they are. and since my dog has been with my dad for more than a year and never had a chance to see him again, i thought of wanting to have a rabbit of my own. i immediately sent my boyfriend a text message telling him i wanted to have a new pet and that is having a rabbit of my own. then he replied to me saying, "sure thing! tomorrow let's go out and buy it in bioresearch." i was like "are you sure about that?". and he was sure about it.

the next day i was so excited to go to bioresearch and choose a super white colored rabbit. well, we were planning of getting two rabbits so the other rabbit we thought of choosing a colored brown one. as we arrived the place it is so unfortunate that we didn't get to find a brown-colored rabbit so instead we sticked up with the grey colored one since it looked cute and unique so there we bought them.

sckroochie (white colored rabbit) and ocelot (grey colored rabbit)

our two newest netherland dwarf rabbits. very cute and playful.  i also took pictures of them while they were eating and since we got them a bigger bowl used by dogs since this was suggested to us by the sales lady, this is how they reach in for their food.

oh that is my hubby and i told him to pretend he is one of our babies. in short, he is the father of our new babies. can't get enough of these two. they are so cute, lovely and very very playful. too bad we couldn't buy a girl for them yet since girl netherland rabbits are not available yet. oh another thing, they eat too much. hahaha! and now they have grown bigger and bigger.

oh another thing, i also took a photo of their first carrot eating because they ran out of food and the stores are closed right that very moment so we decided of giving them their first vegetable food.

the next day, that big carrot was finished. hahah! now i believe rabbits love carrots. hahaha!

hope you liked what you saw. just proud to tell the world that my hubby and i have rabbits to be envied by many viewers. ahahah! 


nang maghintay ang sanggol...

meron kaming naging pasyente na for cesarean section pero bago pa ito magawa alam na ng magasawa na may problema na talaga ang sanggol sa loob palang ng kanyang sinapupunan. na ito ay may congenital effect at sa magandang balita pinaghandaang mabuti ng magasawa ang 2 operasyong mangyayari. yun ay ang cesarean section at ang tinatawag na gastrechisis.

ang congenital effect sa bata ay ang hindi pagdevelop ng pagsara ng tiyan ng bata kaya pagkalabas sa kanya sa hiniwang tiyan ng nanay ay inilipat agad siya sa kabilang operating room para isunod ang pagsara sa tiyan ng sanggol.

nakasurvive siya at nagtagal sa nicu ng mahigit isang buwan. natuwa kami nang malaman namin na maganda ang naging development nito. pero makalipas ang ilang linggo, ito ay muling ibinalik sa ospital at ngayon ay diniretso na siya s intensive care unit sa dahilang lumubha ang kalagayan nito. siya ay minatyagang mabuti ng mga nurses ng ICU at dumating ang araw ng sabado ng dalawin siya ng kanyang ina, ang oxygen saturation niya ay nagmaintain ng 50%. ibig sabihin nito na hindi na maganda ang sirkulasyon ng oxygen nito sa katawan at ang maaaring tumutulong sa kanya para mabuhay ay gamot na lamang at mechanical ventilator na sumusuporta sa kanyang paghinga. buhay pa siya yun nga lang eh tinutulungan lang siya ng mga equipments na ito.

siguro naramdaman na ng ina na ito'y pwedeng bumigay ilang oras nalang kaya ang huling sinabi ng ina sa bata, "anak, hintayin mo lang si daddy ha? darating na yun. okay." at ito ay binantayan ng ina.

dumating ang ama ng sanggol kinahapunan na at ang sumunod na nangyari, biglang nagshoot up ng 100% ang oxygen saturation nito. ibig sabihin gumanda ang takbo ng oxygen nito sa katawan. nagkaroon ng oras ang ama na makapagsabi ng saloobin niya sa kanyang anak at ilang minuto nakalipas sadyang bumaba ng bumaba ang oxygen saturation ng sanggol at tuluyang nagpaalam.

nakakaawa ang bata dahil hindi manlang siya nagtagal sa mundong ito at hindi manlang niya naranasan ang mga bagay bagay at pangyayaring naranasan tulad ng ibang bata. isa pang maganda sa nangyari ay ang hindi pagsuko ng magasawa sa pagsalba sa buhay ng kanilang anak kahit na sila ay gumastos ng mahigit sa 500,000 pesos para sa paggaling ng sanggol. nakita namin ang effort na ipinakita nila pati ang pagmamahal na ibinuhos nila sa kanya. maswerteng bata dahil minahal siya ng sobra ng kanyang magulang.

siya'y maituturing na anghel ngayon at malamang ay palage niyang tinitignan ang kanyang mga magulang mula sa langit.

ngayon ay masaya na siya at natapos na din ang kanyang paghihirap.


dumating na ang ATT ko!!!

pagkauwi ko galing trabaho kanina umaga, naisipan ko na magcheck muna ng mail at ng mga updates sa mga social networking at earning online sites na madalas kong puntahan. nang makapaglogin ako sa yahoomail, nashock ako makita ang mail galing sa NCBSN..


kinabahan ako bigla kasi pwede na ako magpaschedule ng exam ko. pero ang masikinagulat ko eh masyadong magastos pala ang pagaapply nito. aabutin ako ng mahigit 500 dollars! akala ko kapag dumating na ang ATT eh click nalang ng click para sa pagschedule ng exam. HINDI PA PALA! nakakainis. ang bigat sa bulsa at maslalong nakakapressure na dapat eh one take lang (pero yun din naman talaga ang goal ko). nakaka-kaba talaga!

hay. ano ba ito. tuloy kelangan ko magleave sa work. pero parang ang hirap nun. 1 month leave lang. wah! bahala na siguro. haha. kung pumasa eh di masmabuti. pero kung hindi take lang ng take kahit nakakadugo ng bulsa ng magulang ko. hay.

yun lang naman. hehe.


oh no! i am speechless!

hi reader!

well, i don't really have anything to say in here. i guess i just have to greet you good morning and that may you have a great day ahead.

i'm just too busy watching Off beat america seconds had passed and now 24 hour design. i love watching shows that talks about renovation! for this is what i want as a profession. not as a nurse. hahaha!

another thing, i am also busy earning with my mylot account. have to earn 20 or more before the 15th of november comes for my payout! whoophie!!!

that's all for today.

i'll come back tomorrow since i'll be at work tonight at 6pm and be home tomorrow 7am i hope.

God bless you!

take care!


do you read your horoscope?

i am not a fan of horoscope reading but there are times that a newspaper lands on our dining table, that is the last thing i read on to see if something good is happening to me or not.

for today, here is my horoscope.

im a libra and this is what they saw in my stars.

Libra Daily Horoscope 07 NOV ©2008

Today you're in a "caring" or a "caregiving" mood - and people notice. Your everyday contacts seem more pleasant and greetings go warmly. You seem to attract people who are curious about what you think. A temporary tendency is to think money is power. Time will tell. Now you're more willing to take a risk to win what you want most. It's time to ask yourself how well you're using your talents.

source: http://www.astrologyzine.com/today-libra.shtml

wow! i think this horoscope i have for today is somewhat a bit related to me. that is cool. what must i ask for myself with regards to my talents? hahaha!

is writing my new found talent? i hope! this is my frustration and i want to be a good writer as good as the others who owns a blog in blogspot too.

have a great evening!


where do you bloggers get so fantastic looking layouts?

you read it right.. i am asking you this because everytime I do blog hopping, i see a lot of great layouts on each pages. are these mainly made by you yourself or got it from a layout making site. i may know some basic codes in making layouts but for now i am not in the mood to fix and re-edit the template. hahaha! lazy me!

anyway, i find my space so dull and looking not so interesting. maybe one of these days i'll work out on my space.

good evening to all of you!

Happy blogging!


Mora Chat

Are you fond of earning thru paid to write sites? i can give you one that i am currently active with.

here i am presenting to you Mora Chat, a paid to write site that was introduced to me by a co-Mylot user. They pay thru Paypal and that is what is great about it since paypal is one of the best online banking for me.

with this site, you post on discussions they have instored in different topics and you get paid 2 cents (when you post long like 3 or 5 lines) and 1 cent (if you post less) so it would be better if you post longer right. although with this site, they have some restrictions like you have to use bold, italics buttons if needed. you are not allowed to use them to have the whole sentence in bold form or else you will receive a not coming from them and for you to avoid getting banned from their site. as what i have observed, you are only allowed to reply in one or two responses in one post because if you answer every posts from time to time, they consider it spamming. for more information on how to add a dollar to your account as you login, send me your email address and i will tell you how.

this is one great way to earn right so if you are interested, it would be best if you comment to my page with your email address for this is how i send you the link.



feel mo ba mamili?

dito na! sa


kakaopen palang ng site na ito kaya konti palang ang nakapost na photos na kanyang binebenta. for now ang binebenta palang niya ay accessories so if you feel like getting one for yourself don't hesitate to visit the site.

gusto mo ng sample?



at eto pa...

so ano pa ang hinihintay mo? bili na!

nakakapagod talaga maging nurse

oo nabasa mo nurse nga ako at ngayon napagisip isip ko bakit ba ako nagnursing. hindi na nga sapat ang sweldo, parang lahat na ng kurso at vocational course eh hawak mo din. kapag nurse ka, ganito ka:

> janitor
* kaya ko nasabing para kaming janitor kasi every month meron kaming general cleaning. kapag sinabi mong general cleaning, magi-iscoba kami ng mga dingding at magiisis ng sahig. punas dito punas doon hay grabe nakakapagod!

> mananahi
* gulat ka naging mananahi na kami. paano ba naman, pinagburda kami ng mga scrub suits na ginagamit ng doctor kasi dapat raw ang blouse at pants nito ay dapat pareho ng number. pero kapag idinadala samin ang mga nalaba na scrubsuit, hindi naman din magkakapartner ang lahat. dapat pagkadeliver ng mga ito samin, magkakapartner na dapat. hindi yang dagdag gastos pa.

> housekeeping
* oh diba sana nagHRM nalang ako tutal gagawin ko din pala toh. ang magayos ng kama ng pasyente take note: WITH STYLE tulad ng nakikita mo sa hotel.

> yaya
* kapag nakaassign ka sa mga suite rooms na station eh naranasan ko na pagbantayin ako ng nanay nung baby niya dahil may gagawin siya sa cr. siyempre hindi naman din ako makakahindi dahil kapag hindi ako sumunod, reklamo ang abot ko.

> pharmacist
* tama, pharmacist din kami kasi pati ang mga paglilista at pagbibilang ng gamot eh inatasan kaming gawin yun. kaloka diba? kaya bago kami maguwian super late na lalo na kung madaming pasyente kasi iuupdate mo pa sa logbook, bin card at folder ang mga ginamit na gamot sa shift mo. ubos oras talaga! badtrip!

> factory worker
* since sa Operating Room at Delivery Room ang area ko, asahan mong naka-cap at mask kami. yan ang tamang attire ng isang OR/DR nurse pero kapag hinaluan mo na ng OS, cherries, peanut at nasal strips making mukha na kaming factory worker. tupi dito, balot dun, factory worker ang dating na dating!

> utusan
* okay lang utusan kami kasi trabaho naman talaga namin ang kahit anong iutos samin ng doctor pero kung masyado namang kung mangalipusta ang doctor at tratuhin kami parang hindi isang rehistradong nurse eh ganun ganun nalang kami kung malit-maliitin ng mga abusar na doktor. hai!

> insomniac
* siyempre kahit gabi may pasok kami kaya minsan nararanasan ko na hindi matulog ng 24 oras. simpleng idlip di magawa minsan lalo na kung sobrang atake ng insomnia ang nararanasan ko. waah!!! kahit nga 4 o 3 oras eh okay na ang tulog gising na 21 oras sa buong araw.

> midwife
* oh diba sana meron kursong nursing midwifery (pinagisa nalang) kasi akala ko hindi ko to gagawin pero nagkamali ako. naggiging midwife din ako kapag ako'y nakaduty. kulang naman maginternal examination ako kaya lang mahirap gawin yun kasi hindi ko naman talaga naaral yun nung studyante pa ako.

haay. dapat lang talaga maging matiyaga ka sa trabahong meron. kasi kung wala ka nito, ikaw rin ang talo. kaya ako kahit siguro ayaw ko na maging isang nurse dahil yung iba nagbabakasyon kapag holiday at pag nataon ang schedule mo eh nataon sa araw na ito eh sorry ka nalang. siyempre kapag pasko at new year gusto mo kasama mo ang pamilya at mga taong mahal mo pero kung nataong na duty ka nito, eh sorry ka nalang. magpasko ka na sa ospital!

patatagan nalang ng loob toh. kaya siguro buhay pa ako sa propesyong tinahak ko dahil pasensyosa ako. nakakaloka lang kasi kung gusto mo magtrabaho sa ibang bansa dahil sa sabi nga eh malaki ang kita doon kaysa dito eh ang dami naman mga examine na dapat gawin bago ka ma-qualify na magtrabaho sa kanila.

ewan. bahala na. kung saan man ako dalhin ng propesyon kong ito eh sige nalang. hahah!


my space almost forgotten

it is sad that i have almost forgotten this account that made me create a new one but since that i was able to find a way to recover my password for this account, hep hep hooray for me! now i am in dilemma of thinking whether to delete the new account i currently have or have two accounts but i am thinking what if i won't be able to manage since i am engaged to some paying sites that i am currently active with. should i paste in here the post that i have created last night? hmmm... 

waah! what should i do?!?!?!

i think i should go over this dilemma i am having right. for now, i am just happy to see that my blog is now alive and will surely go active. teehee!

have a great day ahead!



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