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my hubby and i two adorable netherland dwarf rabbits

these are the rabbits that my hubby and i bought last july 16, 2008. we don't really know the exact dates of when they were born so we really don't know when to celebrate their birthdates. yeah. so sad. of course, i will be posting some of their pictures in here for you to see how cute and adorable they are.

well the story of how we got these rabbits is that the night before i was watching videos in youtube and saw a video about rabbits and how cute they are. and since my dog has been with my dad for more than a year and never had a chance to see him again, i thought of wanting to have a rabbit of my own. i immediately sent my boyfriend a text message telling him i wanted to have a new pet and that is having a rabbit of my own. then he replied to me saying, "sure thing! tomorrow let's go out and buy it in bioresearch." i was like "are you sure about that?". and he was sure about it.

the next day i was so excited to go to bioresearch and choose a super white colored rabbit. well, we were planning of getting two rabbits so the other rabbit we thought of choosing a colored brown one. as we arrived the place it is so unfortunate that we didn't get to find a brown-colored rabbit so instead we sticked up with the grey colored one since it looked cute and unique so there we bought them.

sckroochie (white colored rabbit) and ocelot (grey colored rabbit)

our two newest netherland dwarf rabbits. very cute and playful.  i also took pictures of them while they were eating and since we got them a bigger bowl used by dogs since this was suggested to us by the sales lady, this is how they reach in for their food.

oh that is my hubby and i told him to pretend he is one of our babies. in short, he is the father of our new babies. can't get enough of these two. they are so cute, lovely and very very playful. too bad we couldn't buy a girl for them yet since girl netherland rabbits are not available yet. oh another thing, they eat too much. hahaha! and now they have grown bigger and bigger.

oh another thing, i also took a photo of their first carrot eating because they ran out of food and the stores are closed right that very moment so we decided of giving them their first vegetable food.

the next day, that big carrot was finished. hahah! now i believe rabbits love carrots. hahaha!

hope you liked what you saw. just proud to tell the world that my hubby and i have rabbits to be envied by many viewers. ahahah! 


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