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our 2nd year celebration

as what i have told you i will be sharing to you how our day went on our 2nd year anniversary celebration.

Firstly, we decided to have our breakfast together at Pancake house but with a lighter meal to save our deep hunger for a buffet!!! but you know what i ordered on the beginning of the day? haha! a heavy meal.. steak meal with rice and egg as side dish!

In here you can see how seriously he is looking out for the food he wants to order. he said he'll be ordering a food that is light but it ended up him ordering something heavy too. hahaha!!!

as we finished the food we ordered and paid the bill, we headed back to the car and drove off going to ocean park. of course, picture taking will never be forgotten!  hahah!


as we arrived the place, there is one thing that disappointed us.. 


as you can see this a lair for alligators but when you under it, you will see 2 papers (brochures) that fell underneath its water. it is very disappointing to see somethingl ike this in a newly opened tourist attraction. i even felt bad for the alligators swimming in it and good thing that they did haven't eaten any pieces of it. this is a shame for our country knowing that this has been another site to attract tourists to visit just as what other countries offer. 

anyway, we took pictures nonstop of different fishes found in their aquariums and to tell you i am not a fish lover just like my boyfriend but i ended up enjoying looking at them. if you want to see photos of fishes to be seen in ocean park, please click on to this ---> justbeextraordinary

and since this place is not as big as other ocean park i have been to, we decided to stay in starbucks and chill for a while. and of course, saving our hunger for a bigger meal. hahaha!!! since we didn't really know what to do next, still we ended up going to Mall of Asia. hahaha! there we had dinner at Don Henrico's for he was craving for buffalo wings.

lastly, he bought me something that i wished of having one for myself. he bought me this...

 a big teddy bear and.. 

here is her birth certificate...

and we both finally called her PEACHY

This is how we celebrated our special day and we both knew that we enjoyed every bit of memories that we shared on our second year anniversary.


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