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Mora Chat

Are you fond of earning thru paid to write sites? i can give you one that i am currently active with.

here i am presenting to you Mora Chat, a paid to write site that was introduced to me by a co-Mylot user. They pay thru Paypal and that is what is great about it since paypal is one of the best online banking for me.

with this site, you post on discussions they have instored in different topics and you get paid 2 cents (when you post long like 3 or 5 lines) and 1 cent (if you post less) so it would be better if you post longer right. although with this site, they have some restrictions like you have to use bold, italics buttons if needed. you are not allowed to use them to have the whole sentence in bold form or else you will receive a not coming from them and for you to avoid getting banned from their site. as what i have observed, you are only allowed to reply in one or two responses in one post because if you answer every posts from time to time, they consider it spamming. for more information on how to add a dollar to your account as you login, send me your email address and i will tell you how.

this is one great way to earn right so if you are interested, it would be best if you comment to my page with your email address for this is how i send you the link.


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