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first post for the year 2009

this is indeed my first post for the year 2009.

and as what we normally do... we greet each and everyone else a... 

anyway, i celebrated my new year in the hospital since we had an agreement that each staff nurses should sacrifice one holiday and give way to others who have plans of celebrating christmas or new year with their love ones. since i was on an off duty during the christmas season, i had to report to work on a new year and that was great for me since i don't literally celebrate it since i rejoice on these holidays occasions on my own. but that is fine with me. i get to feel very independent during these seasons. hahaha! 

for this year i have written down on my planner my new years resolution and i have only written like 6 resolutions. i guess i don't really have to write them down here and keep them all to myself. hahaha! 

well i don't really have anything to say as of the moment. i just want to greet all bloggers out there a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.. 

take care reader!


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