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I have joined this site last July 30, 2008 as it was introduced to me by an online friend and since I wanted to have a lot of earnings aside from my mylot account, I decided to come and join under his referral. At first I got a bit confused with what is happening around the site. You get strikes for not following the instructions properly. It is an international paying forum site and it has a lot of things to offer when it comes to earning. Same as with the other forum paying sites, their lowest payout is 10 dollars. What is the best thing about this site too is that everytime you post a reply on a thread that has been created you get paid 2 cents after hitting the post button. Once you reach the minimum amount for payout, you can ask them to send you the payment thru your paypal account and you'll be receiving the money at every end of the month. 

Isn't this a cool site to get engaged with? It just really depends on the time you will spend here for you to be able the payout every month but you are very diligent enough to visit and reply to every threads then for sure you'll be able to reach payout maybe weekly.

Another good thing about this site is that they give incentives like signing up on a site and once you receive a confirmation through your email account, just copy the email you received from the site and send it the the administrator through private messaging. If you have done the right thing then you'll receive a mail from the administrator himself congratulating you and telling you that your account has been updated. Some of their incentives will pay you 40 cents or even 60 cents that will help you boost up your earning fast right? 

so what are you waiting for? come join the site now and earn more! 

Please go to this MY PAGE.

For their full terms and conditions, please CLICK HERE.

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