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10 nuggets of wisdom to live by

i have received a text message from a 
friend and though of sharing this out to you.

1) Be kind to yourself. 
2) Looking good is feeling good  inside.
3) You're not out to please everybody.
4) Expect little but do your best and dream BIG.
5) Smiling is healthy.
6) Laugh your heart out.
7) Live light and right and keep it simple.
8) Failure is a good starting point.
9) Youare so blessed don't forget to say thanks.

and most importantly....


something to ponder on and start a great morning when you read something like this right?
these statements are all true and what we must do to live a better happy life right... 

happy reading!!!


2 may.gusto.ka.ba.sabihin:

Anonymous said...

Yes, God answers prayers, either Yes or No.. At least He answers..

Sensya na ngayon lang nakadalaw ulit..

mundo.ko.mundo.mo.rin said...

hi dylan..

okay lang. ngayon lang din ako ulit nakapagonline dito sa page ko eh. thanks for dropping by!


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